Today it rained idiots!

Okay well I was lucky and only saw one, but picture this - you have just gone up an exit ramp from the motorway only to approach a round-about (that laps over the motorway as 2 overpasses) and see a 4WD ute pass you from the left. Okay so this probably wouldn't be an issue in America but THIS IS AUSTRALIA!!! It was raining buckets, the winds were cyclonic and this bozo was driving full speed around a major round-about the wrong way!!! So me and the car next to me continue around the round-about ever so carefully incase we meet said bozo along the way - but no, he was stopped at the entrance to the motorway by oncoming traffic - so what does he do? He does a 3 point turn in the middle of the lanes and continues onto the motorway - yay another dickwad in the rain on the motorway!!! He must of got his license free in a cereal box!

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