Sunny Spot

I was doing the usual household chores around the house when I ventured outside to hang washing on the line - noticing there was something big in my birdbath out of the corner of my eye - I thought I better investigate. I really wasn't expecting this:

Yep Sweeps is having a rest in the birdbath - isn't it terrible that there is no water in it! We just never get rain often enough to keep it filled - seems Sweeps found a way to remedy this! She stayed there for quite some time and only left her napping spot when I went to go inside.

Aside from kitty-antics, my parents are visiting for a couple of days before they fly out to New Zealand for a holiday. Amber is loving the attention and doesn't want to go to school at the moment - she even came out from her room yesterday morning complaining of a bad cough. She even had to try really hard to get a loud cough out for her father to hear! Despite this she is fine and I'm waiting to go and pick her up. Tomorrow Amber has a school sports day and then I'll pick her up early so we can take Mum and Dad to the airport. It'll be a fun adventure for Amber.

Hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to scrap my sparkler photos......

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