Laid Back Sunday

Okay so there is nothing to do - complete understatement, there are dishes, cleaning, folding, and a two page layout screaming to be started, but I can't find anything to do! So I do what any normal tech-head would - I google my name! Here's a short list of my favourites of what and who I am on the internet: wedding singer, weather presenter, deputy district judge, seniour lecturer, journalist, actress, choreographer, welsh diva, a goldfish, a hostess, urban sophisticate, 1st grade teacher, mother hen, internet imposter, a spinach leaf in a vegetales spoof, a hospital and nurses home in Norfolk Va, a blonde bombshell, plumber, blogger and singer - just to name a few!!! Well I certainly can't say I've got nothing to do now - seems I'm a very busy lady.......

Well we found something to do! I went and bought the game (which has been around forever!) Mouse Trap!! After spending nearly half an hour just reading the rules and how to assemble the thing - we finally got to play! Amber really liked all the fiddly stuff and how interactive it is. I suddenly realised that we don't have boardgames - only Monopoly and Jenga - so I'm creating a cupboard and filling it with games for us to play on weekends and rainy days. Here are some pics of Amber playing:

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