Ladies Day Out

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! I've just got home (after leaving home just before 12 lunchtime) and we have been everywhere! I honestly feel like I left the country for the day. Firstly I visited with my friend whom I made the baby book for - she loved it!, we ate Chinese lunch - dumplings, marinated pork strips, fruit, milk tea and other yummy treats, the kids played and I got to hold the precious new bub. My gosh how babies are tiny! I don't think Amber was even born as small as this 2 week old bub! Once the festivities were over we took one of the guests home with us as she lives in a suburb along the way home. We then stopped off at a Chinese Supermarket! Well what a cultural difference. There were so many things to look at, we couldn't read a thing, the isles were crammed with goodies and we managed to loose the kids! It felt like I was lost in a foreign country! All I knew was "hello" and "it's all right" in Chinese which did not help me a bit before we found the kids in the lolly isle collecting "Chinese Food" as my daughter so loudly announced. Once all the treats were in arms we made our way to the checkout. Just past the checkout there were a couple making these yummy little pancakes/pikelets with all sorts of inserts - we bought them with custard in the middle - and my were they not the best thing you have ever tasted! Obviously we bought a bag! As we made our way to the car I spotted a stack of Chinese newspapers - so I got one of those too. Seemed to make our trip complete. What a wonderful afternoon - felt like I'd been abroad, came home with food and souvineers and am completely worn out! We are deffinately going to the local Asian Grocery Store near us again - just amazing!

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