Just keep swimming

Oh my it has been a while since I crafted.  I have been so busy with Uni, being out on prac and assignments that I haven't had time to play with paper and stickers!

I thought I'd jump back in with a mini pocket letter along the theme of Finding Dory.  She's so cute, and I love the splash of colour that Hank (the septapus) and Marlin & Nemo give the pockets.

I followed a sketch that was provided in the Australian and New Zealand Pocket Letter group.  The first pocket has some little cut-outs that mimic bubbles.  The middle pocket has some sewn on sequins and the last pocket has some themed sprinkles.  I decided to put ocean themed sprinkles in all the pockets, along with gems for sparkle.  Hank, Nemo and Marlin were printed on sticker paper and are adhered on the outside of the pockets for dimension.  I also added some gloss to make Hank shiny.

I loved how random Becky was in the movie, so I had to add her too.  On the left is lots of ribbon and fibre and on the right is some pinata paper that comes with a sticky edge.  The pocket itself was made by carefully cutting a strip of pockets from a nine-pocket page.  This pocket was really simple to make, and just the right start to get back into crafting.

Just keep swimming Dory!

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