Mermaid Meanderings

Last month I decided, that when I finished my Uni assignments I would treat myself to a colouring class from Kit and Clowder.  I absolutely adored the image from Connie Fong and new that the techniques I learned would come in handy for future projects.

I got to work printing out my lesson booklet, and also took a look at the video provided.  Everything was so clear and understandable, and very easy to follow along with.  After tons of assignments and deadlines, colouring along with Alyce was just heaven.

Once I coloured the image I then learned how to create the sand and background.  I also did all of this colouring with the pens I have in my collection - I didn't buy any new ones, as the techniques in the class work for any colour combinations that you have available.

In addition to the colouring I added some tiny black gems to the flowers in the mermaid's hair and some gloss to the bubbles and her eyes.  There are also some tiny clear gems and liquid pearls.

I was happily finishing off my mermaid's tail and adding some scale detail with a black pen when the worst happened.  My black pen (Project Life Black Pen), leaked a huge drop on her tail.  There was no undo button, no delete or go back - it was there to stay.  After a few choice words I continued on colouring and when finished I created 2 little bubbles that I could cover the drop with.  The second bubble was added so that the first didn't look out of place.  I just copied the scales and colours into the bubble and the black splotch was gone!

I'm so happy with the outcome - the finished picture is A5 size and will fit nicely in a frame for my craft room.  Colouring really is relaxing - who knows, maybe I'll do another class soon?!


Chrissy said...

Stunning colouring Sarah and such a clever way to cover the blob..beautiful image too..


Jo - Jo's Scrap Shack said...

This turned out gorgeous!!! WOW! I also have subscribed to one of Alyce's classes but have yet to take it. It was the class for June/July. I really want to get busy with it now that I have seen how gorgeous this is!!! Very beautiful!

Sarah Nancarrow said...

Thanks Jo! I just coloured bits when I had the chance, it's a great way to do a little crafting/colouring when you're busy and can't do the whole thing in one go :)

Sue from Oregon said...

Amazing coloring Sarah! Very tricky cover up too.