Christmas Test Tubes

Today I've been busy in my craft room creating gifts.  I have made some candy filled test tubes and adorned them with decorative candy canes, bells and embellies from Tanya Leigh Designz.

I chose 2 of the inner discs from the Tanya Leigh Designz 3-in-1 word rings - Girls Pack. I simply popped it out and then punch a tiny hole in the top of each.  I threaded them onto some red, white and green twine.  Then I took 2 small acetate postage stamps and holding one with my tweezers, I held it in front of my heat gun.  You have to be very careful to do this gradually or you will burn or disintegrate the plastic.  It shrinks a little and crinkles up.  The plastic also goes a little frosty. I punched a hole in each and threaded these on also.

The plastic candy canes were tree decorations, and I glued on the tiny bells (cause they were almost impossible to thread).

Lastly I added some little poinsettia stickers to the lids.

These test tubes were bought at my local Dollars & Sense and are quite big, they fit the big M&Ms perfectly.  Previously I've used very thin test tubes and they barely fit one Skittle candy wide.  I used one and a bit Christmas M&M tubes for this project, separating them into red and green.

Here's another view of the shrinky postage stamps and discs.  They make the perfect label for someone special.

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