Day 17 of 31 Days of Halloween

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Today I present the Boo Bag! You never know what you'll find inside - severed fingers, troll boogies, toads legs, mummified toes or crunchy spider bodies perhaps? Thankfully they're usually filled with lollies after my Halloween party.

This Boo Bag is wrapped in blood dripped bandages, spiders, a rat and also an interesting creature that just bursting out of the bag to join the party!

  Look at that beast ripping it's way out of my perfectly wrapped bag! Ew and it has something in it's teeth - pass the toothbrush!  I had this awesome speech bubble in my stash that said "Wonderful things can happen" - so I glued it on and crossed out the "wonderful" rofl 

Patty pans make awesome rosettes, so I used two - I trimmed the top one, and I added some mesh from a bag that I had and topped it off with a spider and some gems.

At the bottom of the bag there's a rather surprised rat, a warning sign and a close-up of all that blood soaked bandage.

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Viki Banaszak said...

OMG! This is so cool! I love it.

Mary Holshouser said...

I love that mouth that is yawning out of the
bottom. Those teeth are scary.
Fun bag.
thanks for sharing.

Susan Renshaw said...

What a fabulous bag Sarah - I am sure you really enjoyed making this!!

Susan Salyer said...

how fabulous I love all of it especially that mouth and teeth lol