The Lorax

There's nothing I love more than trees and doing what I can to save them, and this movie says it in such a way that even the smallest child can understand.

I made this PL for a Dr Seuss swap - since it's Dr Seuss month.  I love the bright pictures and those gorgeous fluffy truffula trees. I also love that Betty White has her own character, the ever funny Gramma Norma.

If you see this post - plant a tree, or a few! The world will thank you :)

Here's in my pocket letter with The Lorax himself, his moustache and of course a truffula tree.  The tree was super easy to make.  I found a pom pom key chain at KMart, removed the chain and hot glued it to a stripy straw.

This is the back of the pocket letter, with more pictures and a quote.

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