Grey's Anatomy

I had a ton of fun with this pocket letter, there were so many fun elements to it.

First I created the pockets with pictures of all the cast, and especially the recipients favourites (the recipient ended up going AWOL so it's still awaiting a new home).  I mounted each picture on blue Bazzill cardstock.  Then I added a funny cartoon with some fun medical picture ribbon.  I then created a replica hospital tag (double sided with a bar code and hospital info on the back).  I added a hospital tag and a neat writing pen that looks like a syringe (yes the red liquid moves inside), and I filled a replica IV bag with red goodies and the letters 007 for George (a character from early in the series).  These IV bags are actually food grade and can be filled with drinks or candy.

The front and back of the pockets - filled with fun photos.
I filled the IV bag with some red Bazzill.  Then I added in some buttons, ribbon, little pencil sticky notes.  The pen is blue inked, the tag has a barcode and hospital inscription on the back and the hospital tag is ready to be named.

I absolutely love this show, and have had so much fun creating a pocket letter in this theme!

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