International Photography Day

It was international photography day on the 19th of August - which is when I should have posted this, cause I had just posted off one of my favourite pocket letters to the US.  It was all about photography!  I never go anywhere without my camera, it's practically glued to me, my friends and family know wherever I am - my camera is sure to follow lol  My favourite is macro photography which I am yet to get a really good lens for, instead I get to play with a cheap add-on for my phone.  I love to photograph my kids, their friends, family events and of course my pets.  So of course I jumped at the chance to join in with this swap over at Pocket Letter Pals.  I collected pictures of camera's photography tips and I even found this neat Instax camera bag tag to include in the package.

I had fun explaining what "film" is to my 7 year old, that was a trip down memory lane.  She couldn't fathom a camera without a digital display in the back lol  The clear film you see is from Tanya Leigh Designz.

This is the back of the pocket letter - a little bit of colour and a little bit of black & white.

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Chris said...

A wonderful project Sarah, love your photographs, those cameras are fantastic! I love to photograph my grandkids and pets too, I'm so glad we have digital photography now when I think how much film (and money!) I'd waste with some of the very dodgy shots I take.