I have my own minions!

What a huge week it's been for me.  It was consolidation week at uni, so I got to have a little break from study.  I was busy with home duties, spending time with the girls, crafting and catching up on pocket letters and doing a bit of much needed relaxing.

Then I got a message from my good friend Tammy to ask if I could make a cake and cookies for her son's birthday.

Of course I said yes....I had 3 days to plan and execute something awesome!

The theme was to be minions so I set about researching how I was going to do the cake and the cookies.  I'm no cake decorator, so I needed to pick something that I could actually pull off.  I have made cakes in the past, but only for my girls - 3 cakes to be exact - that are decorated with fondant that is.  This time I was making one for someone else.  I was going to have to pull off a miracle lol

Alex minion, as we affectionately called him, turned out perfect.  I was really worried though, right up until the end.  I'm still learning how to cover cake with fondant, so it was a bit touch and go for a while.  I managed to cover up any imperfections with the blue fonadant pants.  I made the cake vanilla, and coloured it green.  Between the two layers is black butter icing. Alex's favourite colour is green and he loves the Hulk, so I went with that theme.  I also learned how to use silver dusting powder - another first.  The letters and the hat are paper.  The bananas that Alex minion is holding are lollies that I found at a local Cake & Candy shop.

The cookies were kept pretty simple since I was making the cake at the same time.  I just covered my cookies in yellow fondant and then piped on the eyes, mouth and hair.  The goggles were piped last.

The cake and cookies were a huge hit!  I added some sparklers for candles as we had the party down at the park.  The birthday boy had fun trying to blow them out lol

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