Book week and a fox

It's book week this week, so we had to decide weeks in advance what we were going to be.

Sophia absolutely loves Fantastic Mr Fox.  She has read the box over and over and also has the movie on her iPad.  She first started to read it with her class at school and has now moved on to the BFG and other Roald Dahl books.

It made perfect sense then, that she would dress up as a fox, and she chose Felicity - Mr Fox's wife.  You can't buy any pre-made Felicity costumes, so I decided that I would make one.  I started with 2 yellow t-shirts.  One a size 8, the other a size 10.  I chopped the top off the size 10 and sewed it to the size 8.  Voila - instant dress.  Then I used a strip of the left over yellow shirt to create a pocket.  I reinforced it with some extra pockets.  These would hold a pair of scissors, brushes and pencils, just like Felicity.  I used puffy paint to create the little apples.  The brooch you see above was made from felt, hot glued together and then sewed to the dress.

For the mask, I bought a plastic half face mask from Spotlight, then glued on the white and orange felt.  I trimmed the edges and the eyes.  I created the ears by layering the orange, black and white felt.  I used a really stiff black felt to help them keep their shape and stand up.  I used a black colouring pencil and my black Copic to shade the inside of the ear.  I added some eyebrows, a black nose, eyelashes and whiskers.  The eyelashes are just cheap ones from the dollar shop and the whiskers are fishing line.

Here is the finished costume.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  The tail is made from flannelette material.  I just have to safety pin it to Sophia's dress for the parade, and then she can remove it for class and play.

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