Rockpool hopping

If there's one thing I love about the beach - it's the rock pools.  They are usually quite a challenge to get to, there's slippery rocks, sharp rocks, crevices, and the waves crashing in.  I love to climb around the rocks, in my own little world and discover shells, little creatures and sea glass.

When the Rockpool ATC challenge popped up on FB I couldn't resist joining in.  I knew exactly how I wanted my ATCs to look and I'm so happy with how they turned out.

I chose several different blues and green papers, one of them is super sparkly, another is embossed with dots.  I freehand drew a shape on each card, each time smaller than the previous.  Once the layers were put together it gives a deep pool effect, and the glitter card gives a little shimmer.  I had some tiny plastic flowers that looked like little corals, so I added one, and then a mermaid sticker.  I placed the card into a pocket and added some gold micro beads, they look a little like sand.  Then I sprinkled in some ocean themed shapes and added a few bling dots.  Each ATC is different and part of a series of 3 that I'm sending to my 2 partners.

Here are the two sets of ATCs. I sealed the tops of the pockets with my Fuse Tool so that the sprinkles and micro beads don't fall out.  ATCs are so much fun, and they use up scraps of card.  Each one is a tiny work of art.  Here are some closeups:

The little sprinkles have starfish, octopus, seahorses, shells, fish and stars in them.
I hope my new pals like them.

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