Is there a ghost in the graveyard?

I'm taking part in a Graveyard swap on the Pocket Letter website.  I couldn't wait to start as I had some pretty wild ideas.  I wanted an actual grave in the middle, which I was able to create really easily.  I also added a touch of zombies, some blood and gore, and lot of spooky themes.  I filled the back pockets with gothic goodies - even coffin nails lol

Following are some closeups of the pockets.
Here's the whole pocket letter - the coffin shaped picture to the right is the card that I wrote my message on the back of, to my pal.
First up is the hand - I found this online and then embellished with gloss and stickles.  Not only does it shine in the right places, but the blood looks gooey and wet and has texture.  I curled the fingers a little for realism.
The centre pocket has a lift-the-flap action.  I added a little tombstone which reads:
"Died from not forwarding that text message to 20 people in the next 5 minutes".
I did a little photoshop on this grave so that it fit the pocket perfectly, and dulled the colours so it matched the rest of the photos.
Dig in the grave (lift-the-flap) and who should pop up?! A zombie of course!  I found the image online, she was showing alittle too  So I added a bandage!  She pops up a little when the flap is lifted.  I made the inside pocket look like a freshly dug grave.
Here you can see how she lifts up out of the grave.  Awesome right? Well here's a video:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is awesome! Love the whole interactive grave pocket.