Oleg the cutest meerkat baby

Oleg is the cutest baby Meerkat that we see regularly on TV through the Compare the Market Insurance adds.  Sophia absolutely loves him and came home one day to find him in a tiny cradle on the front step with his favourite toy Grub by his side.  I couldn't help but make a pocket letter for her - it has lots of family pictures, as there's quite a back story to little Oleg and his adventures are numerous!  I also made certificates, shakers, paper clips and bug filled stationery.

Here's the whole kit and kaboodle.  Sophia now has it all folded up and it sits in Oleg's cradle.
A closer view of the paperclips
A shaker pocket full of bugs and insects and all the things Oleg likes to chase and eat.

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K Cicinelli said...

this is so cute and very sweet! each little item is perfect.