I find your lack of faith disturbing

Since beginning my addiction with Pocket Letters I have not made a Star Wars themed PL! So I thought it was about time.  I collected photos from my favourite scenes and matted them on black Bazzill cardstock.  I wanted to do something really fun and different with this PL, so under the middle pocket is a door that opens and music is played!  Yep that's right, one of the Star Wars theme songs is played.  See below for more details:
So first up I'll go through the goodies.  I made 2 paperclips - one with ribbon and the other with Darth Vader.  Then I printed some fun cards - a wanted poster and a diagram on how to look after your light saber.  I fussy cut a gun, badge and Chewie.  Chewie is a paper doll with moving arms and legs. You can see him movie on my pinboard. I also found some really neat buttons at my local EB Games and added them too.  Inside the pockets I added some Star Wars themed sprinkles.  I got these in the party section at Big W.
You might be able to see the sprinkles a little easier now.
This is the back of the pocket letter - you can see some of the shapes in the middle pocket.

Now for the fun part.  Open this door (which I created by cutting out another pocket and using my ATG gun to adhere to the page.  What you can't see is under the Pew Pew Pew & Ewok pictures is the musical mechanism that I removed from a card bought at my local newsagency.  Then when you open the door, music plays!  Check it out below:
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Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Eeeep! The 'Force Is Strong With This One'!!! What an utterly inspired creation Sarah. Man, I LOVE the way your brain works!! Apart from being HUGE Star Wars fans in our house, this is stand out awesome chick! Love EVERYTHING about it. The very cool musical interlude is the icing on an already utterly delicious cake!!! Gush, gush, swoon!!! You know I'm humming the tune now right? Big hugs, Wends xoxo