I need a bit of Summer in my life

It's almost Winter here in Australia - not that you'd know it, we're still in the high 20's for temperature, I'm still wearing shorts and shirts and you can still sweat in the shade!

I love summer though, the beach, sand, shell collecting, warm nights and BBQ's so I'm so happy that I get to make my second Summer themed Pocket letter.

I made the middle pocket a shaker pocket - putting ocean themed sprinkles inside, plus these really neat tiny beads. I found them at the dollar shop in tiny bottles - I think you can put them on your nails and in craft.  I thought it looked perfect as sand!  I used yellow Bazzill to matt my pictures on, and then filled the back of the pockets with everything from lace, buttons, stickers, washi and paperclips.  I also got to use some items that I've collected while making and sharing Pocket Letters (the watermelon banner).

I sure hope my PL pal loves it!
Pinterest is fantastic for finding pictures, and I wanted to use bright colourful pictures to create a cheerful Pocket Letter.
Here's a close-up of the shaker pocket.  I filled the pocket with sea horses, octopus', star fish, hybiscus flowers, dots, shells and gold beads.  Then I simply sealed up the pocket with my Fuse Tool.
Hurry back summer!

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Krista Staton said...

That is SO cute! Love the bright colors:)