Happy St Patrick's Day

I totally forgot to post my pocket letter to my pal Elizabeth.  We chose a St Patrick's Day theme, and I went with vintage pictures.  There are so many to chose from on Pinterest, and I loved the little quotes, poems and sentiments that were on them.  Using these images I was also able to add pops of other colours, and not just have an all green pocket letter.

Here is my packet pocket letter.  It's hard to tell in the photo but the big shamrock is bright green and very sparkly.  I made a St Patrick's cootie catcher, and decorated a wooden jar with gold doilie and letter to Elizabeth.  I also tucked in a cute mustache and lots of goodies in the back of the pockets.

The cootie catcher

The wooden jar shaped decoration.  You need a jar to catch a Leprechaun right?!

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