Star Trekkin!

I never thought I would be making a Star Trek Pocket Letter - I know nothing about it.  I'm a Star Wars fan, and technically stay well away from Trekkies rofl  But I had a ton of fun looking for pictures, diagrams and learning about the different coloured jumpers, ships, and of course cast members.

Using the nine pockets, I used each to showcase a photo, that was then added to black cardstock.

And here you have it.  I used the Star Trek font to add a name label up the top, I found a cute furry critter that looks like a Tribble, and I printed a fun game and some badges.  Both sides of the pockets have pictures of Star Trek then and now.
The Tribble is on a chain with a clip so Julia (who is getting the PL) can hang it on her bag.

Star Trek pictures from {here}
Vulcan Script from Fonts2U

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Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Sarah, you are so awesome chick! I LOVE this collection of awesomeness! I have that song stuck in my head now!! Star trekking across the Universe... I really love your pocket letters. I'm going to have to give this a go soon. It's such an awesome way to celebrate the things we love. Utterly brilliant chick! Hugs, Wends x