Happy Valentines Day

It's always nice to surprise the children in my daughter's class, and today was no exception.  I spent my afternoon printing and cutting little flags to add to some fun pencils.  You can find the free labels at Life With Fingerprints - just download and print! Then just cut the little flags out and add 2 slits for the pencil to slide through.  So easy it's child's play.  I gathered up all the pencils and put them in a basket for Sophia to share with her friends.  They were so excited to be chosen, and waved their new pencil around with big smiles on their faces.  Some of the Prep children even got a pencil and ran yelling up to their parents to show them their gift.  I was so proud of Sophia for making so many children happy with such a small show of friendship.

If you are looking for these pencils, you can pick up a pack of 12, complete with decorative erasers on one end at The Reject Shop.  I used 2 packs, and all up it took me about an hour to put them all together.

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