Little House on the Praire

My newest Pocket Letter is for a Little House on the Prairie fan.  The request was for it to be Winter themed.

Now I had to do a little research here cause I haven't watched an episode of LHOTP in years!  Thankfully I found quite a few photos and learned a ton!  I had no idea the whole series is based on actual people, I also learned how to make my very own button candle and now really want it to snow so I can make some snow candy!!  I set my pictures around a beautiful warm fire and then found found some recipes, letters, photos and even a land certificate!  This was such a fun pockett letter to create and really piqued my interest in prairie living.
Here's the whole layout.  I went with landscape since all the photos I found were landscape.  I also added some wooden clothes pegs wrapped with lace, wooden buttons and other pictures from the books and series.

This is the button lamp with instructions.  It's a button wrapped in calico and then tightly wrapped in thread.  Then you sit it in a dish filled with axle grease and add a match.

A recipe for Dumplings and an actual photo of a train stuck in packed snow during the long winter.

Some needlework, buttons, crochet, wooden pegs wrapped with lace and a slate board with school rules.

A letter and Homestead Proof

Thanks so much for visiting!

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