Miss Skully is up to mischief! - 31DOH Day 17

Welcome to the 17th day of 31 Days of Halloween, hosted by the awesome Smeared Ink! There are many awesome and talented crafters in this blog hop, which you'll find listed on the right, and you can start right back at the beginning if you've just arrived here :) There will be treasure hunts and prizes to win, so don't forget to visit everyone!

Miss Skully went out last night, she didn't tell me what she was doing, but she turned up this morning still wearing a flower in her hair, a smile on her face and covered in blood!  There she was, laying in the garden surrounded by skulls, a warm fire and 2 little girls that look really shifty.  I think they led Miss Skully astray. She's normally not like this, she tends to stick to her cupboard and mind her own business!  I have no idea where the blood came from either, as Skully isn't telling tales, but she left a trail of handprints all over the flowers in the garden and the posters!  Teenage skellies sure are a challenge!

Along with Miss Skully you'll find a bingo card - perhaps she visited a retirement home - a poster for Halloween, a couldren that was fully ablaze and some sparkly orange sequins.  Someone definitely had a party!

I also managed to find some spiders, a couple of rats and a noose of all things!

Oh look there's some ghosts too - looks like the party came home!  This cage pops open at the top for ease of adding things to it - or in Miss Skully's case an easy way to escape!

If you see these two at your party expect trouble, those shifty eyes and gosh knows what tricks are hiding in their pumpkin head buckets.

Miss Skully loves rosettes, so she has one and a big organza bow on her cage.  Oh look, she's left one of her bloody handprints on it! {handprint is made using a rubber stamp that I inked up with a copic}

Skully loves her posters and decorates her cage with them - I see she's put her handprint on this as well! I'm going to be cleaning all weekend!
That couldren is going to bubble for hours, look how happy those ghosts are hovering above it!  I see Miss Skully bought home a little black cat too! My place is becoming a menagerie!

Sorry the place was such a mess!  Please come back tomorrow when I've had a chance to clean up after Skully.
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valscraftings said...

Spooktastic project, lots of interesting things to look at!

Nan Bourdeu said...

What happens at skully parties stays at skully parties! And with all that blood, very good thing, too :) What a delightful array of items making up this stunning table top decoration, it makes me giggle with glee! two very suspicious little dears there I think we know who caused the whole thing xx

IamUniquelyImperfect said...

Awesome! Love it! Patricia B

Sari / Granne said...

Amazing Halloween decoration. So many creepy gorgeous details.. those girls look truly scary.

DonnaMundinger said...

What a fun story! Looks like Miss Skully is hanging out with the wrong crowd. I'd not let her out and about any time soon with all of the shenanigans going on. xxD

Sarah Bales Strom said...

Fab project today--love how you've combined so many different elements! Those two girls sure are scary!

Susan Renshaw said...

Amazing Halloween decoration! So much to see Sarah!

Mary Holshouser said...

Love the birdcage. I have one and this would be a fun way to use it for Halloween.
So many interesting pieces to see.
thanks for sharing.

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

Wow, what a fun collection of goodies and delights and wicked cool images!

Lyneen J said...

WOW what a display, great detail with all the embellishments!!!... Miss Skully must have been up to no good to get covered in blood! Thanks for sharing!!!

Susan Salyer said...

That gruesome twosome is spooky just amazing art. so love the bird cage.

Rebecca pettit said...

Personally I am glad for miss skellie. She needs to.get into mischief every.now and then. Fun make and so much to look at

Susan Renshaw said...

This was a fabulous make!
Thank you for joining my "candy" linky!
Good luck in the draw!
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