Marty is coming back in 3 days!

If you are looking for the 31 DOH post, it's the next one down.

Marty will arrive in the future in 3 days - on the 21st of October 2015!!  I absolutely love all 3 movies so I made a pocket letter to celebrate.  I've added photos from all the movies and some fun posters too.  I found all the images online and then cut them to fit in each pocket.

The photo at the left is the back side of the pocket letter.  I had so many pictures to choose from I nearly made 2 pocket letters, it was so hard to choose which ones to use.  I tried to use specific photos that I loved and depict something in the movie of significance.

Along with the pocket letter I also wanted to make a ton of props, so I sourced newspapers, a fax, the rehydrated pizza, photos, posters and of course some images to make paperclips!

Below I've included some close-ups of some of the props. This pocket letter was so much fun to create, and I can't wait to start my Back to the Future marathon!!

Here's the front with all the props - I forgot to mention Doc's licences and the all important Sports Almanac.

Some posters

Each item is laminated for authenticity.

Pop Vinyls make excellent paperclips!  I also made a hoverboard but forgot to photograph it - you can see it on the pocket letter photo.

Here are the newspapers and the letter that Marty wrote Doc.

If you ever want to learn more about Pocket Letters visit their webpage and join in the fun.  We're also on facebook!


Kamilla said...

This is amazing!! I can't stop looking ❤️
So stunning! Great job!!

Sarah Nancarrow said...

Thanks so much Kamilla!