Keep Calm it's only Temporary!

If you're looking for my 31DOH post, it's the next one down :)

There's a few things you need if you find yourself on "the inside", and that's a flavour sachet and a pair of duct tape slippers.  You should probably avoid Mendez aka Pornstache.  If you don't watch Orange is the New Black you probably have no idea what I'm going on about!

This is a pocket letter for this awesome show.  I was traditionally late to the party with this show and had to binge watch it on Netflix before the new season came out.  I love it.  My favourite characters are Crazy Eyes and Red.  I do also love the new character Stella - well she is an Aussie!
This is the front page with lots of fun clips from the show, and some memes.
This is the back - lots of memes and funny pictures.

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DonnaMundinger said...

heeHeeHee! This is hilarious! xxD