Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!  We've officially made it through 31 Days of Halloween and it's time to party!

I've been busy all day baking cupcakes, carving pumpkins, setting up the party food and preparing for the after party to trick or treating.  It sure has been an awesome ride.  It's the first Halloween in our new house and our new estate so I wasn't sure how many trick or treaters we would have or how many houses would participate - so I sent out invitation and hoped that it would all come together - and it did!!

I dressed up as a witch and my youngest daughter dressed as Wonder Woman.  We all headed off with friends at 5.45pm.  There were all different ages of children joining in, and they all excitedly looked for the balloons on the mailboxes (that I sent out in the invites) and ran with their carry bags/buckets.  Some of the houses were dressed up, some of the people in the houses were dressed in costume.  Some people just left buckets of candy on their front porch with notes.  It was so much fun.  Here's some photos of our walk and the after party.

You can see me up the back - I was wearing my little hat cause the wind got a bit wild for my dressy witches hat.  My daughter is in the front with her Wonder Woman outfit and purple skeleton bag.

This is in my foyer - my hall table got transformed with rats, brooms, candelabras, pumpkins and creations I have made through 31DOH.

This is my table - all decked out with apothecary jars, Halloween creations and creepy crawlies.

Some of the food on offer - snakes, pretzels, cupcakes, lollies, crackers, dip and chips.

Lots of cupcakes and orange Oreos.

I also carved a "Sadness" pumpkin for my eldest daughter. She's Amber's favourite character from Inside Out the movie.

My youngest daughter asked for Zero the dog to be carved from her pumpkin.  He's from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Look at all the candy my daughter and her friends got!

Thanks so much for joining me on the 31 Days of Halloween blog hop!!


Sari / Granne said...

Happy Halloween, looks like you have awesome party going on! Thank you for the hop, it's been a pleasure to visit here

Carol said...

Happy Halloween - wow amazing pics and good treat haulage !

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! WOW, just look at everyone, all so splendidly spooky in their costumes! What fun!

Sarah Bales Strom said...

Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing your creations this month!

Mary Holshouser said...

Looks like a great party.
Wish I could have been there.
We have so few kids around that I'm not going to pass out candy this year
so I'll miss seeing the costumes.
thanks for sharing with us all month. It has been so much fun.
Happy Halloween.

Susan Renshaw said...

Happy Halloween! Loved seeing all your celebration pics! See you next year!

DonnaMundinger said...

Looks like a spooktacular time and all of your amazing effort paid out in spades. FAbulous decorations and pumpkin carving. Happy Halloween! xxD

Squiddy said...

Now I'm hungry!

Laura said...

Happy Halloween!
I am speechless with awe at your amazing celebration.
All your glorious decorations, delicious treats, and those cute monsters!

Susan Salyer said...

Happy Halloween !!! That looks so fun I just want to jump in and join you all hahahaha. Thank you for your lovely post this month.