A tiny mummy - 31DOH Day 23

Welcome to the 23rd day of 31 Days of Halloween, hosted by the awesome Smeared Ink! There are many awesome and talented crafters in this blog hop, which you'll find listed on the right, and you can start right back at the beginning if you've just arrived here :) There will be treasure hunts and prizes to win, so don't forget to visit everyone!

You never know what you'll find hiding in the family crypt - this old fellow seems to be a little worse for wear.  I found Sir Skullington with his belongings - some unicorn tears and a bottle of Purple People Eater giggles.  There were also some new pets - a rat and a spider, and what appeared to be Sir Skullington's own eyeballs freely rolling around his casket.

I've no idea what he did to his bandages as they were terribly grubby, but I can't imagine it would have been cozy in there with a rat gnawing on him!

The top of the casket was still in remarkable good condition.  The rose, still sitting where Skully had left it the day Sir Skullington passed into the netherworld.  All the rivets are also still intact with just a little wearing on the rich outer casket.

After my inspection I interned Sir Skullington back into the crypt (minus his pets), to let him rest a bit before the big night - October 31st - All Hallow's Eve.

Sir Skullington's lid is covered in the finest Halloween themed paper with delicate paper flowers and a rose bud.  The ornate frame is crafted from Egyptian cloth and Skully added a photo produced by Pickleberry Pop (I have searched for the images, but they don't seem to be available anymore).

Sir Skullington's casket was created by re-purposing a box (that actually housed a hoverboard from Back to the Future!) It was perfect for the boney gent, and even came with shaped foam base and sides.

Thanks for visiting us today, don't feed the rats cause they bite, your next stop on the hop is Airless Chambers.


  1. Looks like he's nice and cozy in that fabulous crypt with all of his pets and belongings. Love this! xxD

  2. Awesome project - love all the bits with him too EEEWW XX Have a great weekend

  3. Eeeeek what a wickedly delightful casket complete with macabre contents! Love it!

  4. IIiik, I got shivers, so much creepy stuff, brilliant crypt.

  5. Great story.
    The box and its contents are wonderful.
    thanks for sharing

  6. Your post really made me smile! Super Halloween decoration!

  7. Fab casket for Skully--love all the little details you've added!

  8. Oh my what a Halloween find. so many wonderful things in one close space. Thanks for the smile.

  9. What a remarkable exhumation! Hope there are more of the family to be decrypted.


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