Will you come Minecrafting with me?

My girls and I LOVE to Minecraft, so it's no surprise that I have decided to make a Minecraft pocket letter.

I wanted the PL to show all the things I love about the game, the characters, how they work, the sometimes funny side of Minecrafting and frankly how obsessed you can become!

I've omitted to add an Ender Man to the flag cause they scare the life out of me.  There's just something about them, their noise, the way they sneak up on you.....eep!  Mind you I've accidentally bumped into a few Creepers in my time too, and blown myself to bits but they don't seem to scare me as much as Ender Men!

I created this PL with pictures that are backed with a deep brown Bazzill.  There is also fine doodling around each picture.  The little flags are carefully glued onto some thick black and white twine and stapled in place.  There's a 3D TNT box (I posted a flat version), a watermelon and a tiny bottle filled with some "diamond" bling and green beads.
Here's a closeup of the 3D box and the little bottle.
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