We all need friends

It's wonderfully apt that today I share a Friends themed pocket letter, and it's also my 8 year Blogoversary!  If it wasn't for my friends and family who regularly pop in for a visit I probably would have given up blogging years ago!  I've met so many wonderful friends, and found family online and through blogging.  So thank you!  Thanks for taking the time to visit, to leave a message, and just for being you <3 p="">
So today I'm showing off my newest pocket letter.  I'm so behind with posting this off due to sickness and my first prac as a Pre Service Teacher.

I had so much fun creating this PL - I've tried to include all the funny memories from Friends, but seriously there were so many I just had to pick the main ones.  I've also included some paperclips I made, some stickers and washi tape.  The PL is going to a planner nerd like me so I tried to tailor my goodies so she could use them.  On the back of this PL is iconic photos from the tv show.  I also made a door frame, that can be removed and used in a planner too.  It's laminated so it has a window.
Aren't these cute!  There's the turkey, the lobster and a cute set of undies.  These will look great in my pals' planner.
Here's another view of the frame in the centre.  I thought it was great as a frame around the main characters in the centre of the PL.
Thanks for coming to visit!

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