Crazy Cat Lady

I am loving creating Pocket Letters!  I haven't had many in return, but I'm enjoying making them!  This one was for a lovely lady who loves cats.  Quite frankly I'd probably become a crazy cat lady if I didn't have hubby saying no every time a stray came past my door!  There's something comforting about a warm furry body sleeping next to you, and my Tabitha likes to sleep at my head at night, and next to me on the sofa when I'm at my laptop.

So this layout was all kinds of fun.  I built a paper cat, paper pieced a musical kitty, and built a really cute sticky note cat in a box.

I found my images from here:
Cat Lady Bingo
Soft Kitty
Grumpy Cat
Why I Love Cats
Home is Where my Cats Are
Lazy Costume Ideas
Pile of Cats
Cat with Snowcone
Cat Breeds

On the back of this page, I filled all the pockets with fun embellies, and I added a wooden cat clip.  I doodled borders around the pictures too.
Here's the little cat with articulated limbs.  You can find her at Surfing Sloth on Etsy.  The 3D paper cat can also be found at 3 Eyed Bear.

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Belinda Riffenburg said...

Wow! I love your work! So many great ideas! Thank you for sharing the link to your blog!! Please direct message me your address on facebook at Belinda DeMarra Riffenburg. I would like to send you an angel pocket letter. So sorry that you have sent to others who did not return one to you....even if you do enjoy making them. Have a blessed day!!