A few of my favourite things

I joined in with Spiegelmom's Pocket Letter Swap, and the theme was "Favourite Embellies".  I also added the theme "Travel" as my letter is travelling to New Zealand.

My favourite embellies are:

  • miniatures
  • die cuts
  • paperclips
  • stickers
  • washi tape
  • wooden shapes
  • my camera
  • acetate
  • pockets
  • my Fuse Tool
I absolutely love my Fuse Tool, so I made a tab and filled it with sparkly stars.

Each of the cards in the background are bordered with black pen doodling.

You can see the tiny stars better in this closeup - they're not flat, so they move around the tag nicely.


  1. oh Sarah this is gorgeous I missed seeing it on the Spiegelmom post. Bet your [partner was thrilled.

  2. So this is a pocket letter? Cool!! I saw the posts over on Spiegelmom's FB page, but I didn't know what they were and kept forgetting to look them up. They are fab and I'll have to look out for more of them! Lauren xo


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