You've been Michonne'd

I have created another The Walking Dead themed pocket letter!!  This time I did Michonne for one of the participants in my The Walking Dead event.  Her partner didn't send her a letter so in order to ensure that all my participants had fun, and don't miss out, I've created this one for her.

I loved creating the little paper clips - they're digital pictures of Pop Vinyl toys that I fussy cut and then laminated.  I also added some gloss and red stickles for blood and effect.  When the figures were mounted with hot glue to paperclips I then added some chain.  You see the two men where Michonne's partner and friend who became Walkers.  So she chopped off their arms with her Katana and attached chains so she could lead them about.  They worked a treat at keeping the other walkers away too!

The little 3D figure is a paper doll that I printed and fussy-cut, then put together.  I haven't added any glue to this doll, as I will be including it in the letter when I post it. (But flattened).

The full page, showing the paperclips

This pocket is interactive - it has a swing action flap so you can see the before and after shots of the Michonne's Walker pets.  It's amazing what some makeup can do!

This pocket can be removed so you can read all about Michonne and what she has done throughout the different seasons of the show.

This is the back page with various meme's a photo of the actress behind Michonne and a pic of her Katana.

These are my paperclips, a nice closeup so you can see them better.

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