Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi

My latest pocket letter is Aussie themed! Of course I had a heap of fun with this layout, and I felt like half a travel agent and half tourism campaigner lol I created these pocket layouts with specific pictures of each state of Australia, something that is iconic to our beautiful country - animals, land, food, destinations all wrapped up and beautifully presented on black Bazzill cardstock.  I then added some neat little QR codes.  These codes can be found at a website called QR Stuff and all you have to is input the web address you want the QR code to link to.  Then download and print.  You can even choose different colours.  I printed them small so they didn't take up the entire picture.  To read the QR Codes, just download a free app onto your device.  Both Android & Apple have them.  I also made some cute little road signs as paperclips, and a hang tag which you find on our clothing and other products that are Australian Made.  The final addition to the layout is of course a personal tub of vegemite - cause everyone needs to experience it at least once in their lifetime! I honestly can only have the thinest scraping on my sandwiches, but now they've made a milder verson which I don't mind a little more of.  Okay, here are some more photos of my PLP. 
For all the photos that I used in my pockets, just visit my pin board on Pinterest.

Go ahead, scan the code above and enjoy a little vegemite fun!

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Isa said...

I love your style and all your pocket letters! You are so creative and talented! I've signed up for my first PL, can't wait!