Love to plan

I am loving using my Erin Condren Life Planner. Each week is a fresh start, with planned activities and events and a blank slate to decorate and theme.
This week it's Mother's Day!  So I created a paperclip using 2 of Spiegelmom Scraps doilies. I cut from the edge to the middle and then pleated them.  Then hot glued them to a paperclip.  On top I decorated with a rose, leaves and some twine with a teapot charm.  I LOVE it, and it was so simple to whip up!
I like to use Washi Tape to separate certain areas of my week, so there's sparkly pink to the left, some blue waves at the bottom (also found at Spiegelmom Scraps) and a thin piece of striped Washi to separate the week from the weekend.  I use a Frixon Pen, cause they are erasable, and a type highlighter which is also erasible.  The Mother's Day stickers were part of a do-it-yourself card kit from Woolworths, and they're foam.  Various other stickers and post-its I got from Yozo Craft, Spotlight, Typo and Dollars & Cents.  I also printed my own weekend sticker and the left side routine sticker from Juicebox Creations and Jo Ellis Creations.  The pineapple paperclip was part of a RAK from Lime & Mortar - Leanne is a genius cause I adore all things pineapple!  She's also in Australia so I can see myself shopping there alot!
So there you have it - my week in advance for the Spiegelmom Scraps bloghop!  If you plan too, please leave a message so I can come and visit.  I love seeing everyone elses creativity!

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