The Walking Dead Layout

Today I recieved my very first Pocket Letter in the mail from Julie in the US.  I was so excited to see the "blood" stained bag in my mailbox! lol  So I thought I would now share the layout that I created.

The layout I created was based on Rick Grimes, the lead character in The Walking Dead.  I wanted to use lots of pictures of him for Julie (my swap partner).  I found a badge online to print out and add to Bazzill cardstock that's the same colour as his uniform.  The badge is raised on 3D foam tape.

The centre pocket was made from scratch and mimics the doors that Rick came across in the very first episode, before he even knew what a walker was.  Using Bazzill I created the doors, then the handles and the wooden plank that holds them shut.  I found some light chain and a padlock charm to wrap around and lock the dead in.  Luck was on my side, that I had a tiny hand stamp. I coloured the hands with red Copic marker and stamped them randomly along the doors edges.  I then drew the words on the top of the doors with a fine point black pen.

Here are some close ups:

I created this banner with cute charms and "sexy geek" washi tape
This cute card was perfect for my layout, but I didn't want the info underneith - so I covered it with a piece of Bazzill, just like a wooden board, and the title Terminus.
When you go to hospital - you get an ID bracelet!  So of course Rick had one too.  The number 87 S1 is for the amount of zombies Rick killed in Season 1.
This is the first zombie that Rick comes across that tries to get him "The Bicycle Girl", and of course there is Daryl - because I love him.  I accidentally made him instead of Rick, lol, so I left him there and made Rick too.

So there you have it - I had so much fun creating this layout!!  I can't wait to hear what Julie thinks of it!
This is a list of links to most of the items you have seen above - most images just came from google images.


Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Eww, that's horrible and oh so utterly brilliant! I'm so squeamish I can't do 'Walking Dead' one little bit, but I totally love what you've done here. Truly inspired. Hugs, Wends x

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