Tawny Scrawny Lion

My newest pocket letter is based on one of my favourite Tawny Scrawny Lion book.  I used a picture from each page of the book, and slotted them into the pockets.  I also used some of the pictures to create some paperclips.

Then I hunted through my supplies and discovered at least a dozen Studio Calico boxes that I have collected and never used for my project life.  So I've added some flowers, wooden chip shapes, plastic buttons and a badge.

The back of the layout has jungle patterned paper to go with the theme.

I've loved creating this layout for my pal, if you are interested in Pocket Layout Pals you can visit the Facebook page or the Website.

Now for some close-ups

Don't these little bunnies look cute!  I was delighted to discover that you can buy a plushie of the Tawny Scrawny Lion too!  So I printed a pic of him to make a paperclip.
I wrote out a recipe card for Carrot Stew, which is what the bunnies cook for the Tawny Scrawy Lion to cure his insatiable hunger.  

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