Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my family and friends!

I made these little chicks for Sophia to take to school and share with her little friends.  I put one in each celophane bag, and then popped in some tiny chocolate eggs.  The tied them off with a gold tie.  They looked really cute all done up in the basket, and Sophia really enjoyed handing them out to her friends.

I did learn one thing though - make sure you leave a couple of hours drying time for the black pen!  Some of the eyes smudged cause I drew on the eyes and then bagged them up!  I'll remember for next time!

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Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Sarah these are so super cute! Smudgy eyes or not, the kiddos will have loved them! I had no idea you could get an icing 'pen'! You are too clever chickie (hehe, no pun intended!)