Harry Potter themed PLP

I have discovered the most wonderful new addiction! Pocket Letter Pals [PLPs].  It's scrapping, project life, pen pals and swapping all in one!

First you take a simple (and very affordable) baseball card pocket sleeve and then fill it with anything your heart desires - washi samples, stationery, a letter about yourself, anything that follows the theme you are working on and for some a tea bag.

For my very first PLP my theme was Harry Potter (because I just LOVE the books and movies). I have filled the pockets with anything Harry, Hogwarts and Hedwig related!

So get comfy, I'm going to take you through every detailed pocket, and provide you with links to find and print everything you need to make your own PLP.

First up, if you are after any information about PLPs visit Pocket Letter Pals by Janette Lane on FB and the shiny new forum Pocket Letter Pals and join in the fun!
First up is the Marauder's Map, which opens up fully to ensure "you are up to no good" (see above), when finished, close it up and ensure "mischief is managed".  The flying keys of course guard the Philosopher's Stone, and are brass coloured dragonfly brads with gold key stickers on top.
Your morning routine wouldn't be complete without reading The Daily Prophet, it's a little crumpled after being in Harry's back pocket.
I doodled a  border around the image in black finepoint pen and raised the sentiment on foam dots.

Of course I love to colour digi stamps, so this one (which is part of a set) was perfect to add to my PLP.  I used my Copics to colour and some gloss on Harry's glasses.  I then sourced a Harry Potter themed font and added a sentiment - pun intended!
You can't get to Hogwarts unless you have a ticket!!  I used this one, and then wrapped some samples of school and travel themed Washi around it.
This is the inside of the letter in the middle pocket.  It's my partner's End of Term Report at Hogwarts!  She did pretty well in her classes don't you think?!
This is the back of the letter, complete with faux wax seal.
Harry wouldn't be Harry without his glasses, and I added a luggage tag to the pocket too.  All I did to create the glasses was print out some black glasses and then laminate them.

The 3rd last pocket is just a list of Harry Potter spells - all beautifully laid out in a long list that I loosely folded and added to the pocket.

I thought that I would fill in the Ministry of Magic's Identity Card instead of just writing out at list of info.  I simply altered my photo in Photoshop to black and white to fit the card better.

The last pocket is simply a Hogwarts Library Card and I added a little frog button. I just cut the loop of the back of the button, so that it would lay flat, and used my ATG to attach it.

As an added bonus I have added Harry's wand too - which is a photo of a real wand that I laminated and added a tag to.

Thanks so much for visiting and taking a look at my first Pocket Letter!! I've had so much fun that I'm going to do some more swaps - so keep your eye out for the next one :)  If you're looking for more Harry Potter themed creations that I've made visit - {here} and other Halloween/spooky themed creations {here}

Marauder's Map - Harry Potter Paraphernalia
The Daily Prophet - Serendipity Soiree
Harry Potter digi stamp - Bugaboo Digi Stamps
Harry Potter Font - Fontspace
Hogwarts Train Ticket - Harry Potter Paraphernalia
Owl Post - Harry Potter Invitation
Harry's glasses - Librarianism Chronicles
Antique baggage labels - Knick of Time
Harry Potter Spells List - Every Harry Potter Spell
Identity Card - Craft Your Fandom
Library Card - We {heart} it
Harry Potter Wand - Harry Potter Wiki


Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Eeeep! Sarah, that is uber awesome!! I LOVE what you've done!! Super cool project and really cleverly done. I just have to share a little Harry Potter make of my own since we are so obviously kin here. Check out what I did for my wee girlie... http://craftykiwimama.blogspot.co.nz/2013/04/hogwarts-happiness.html. LOVE your creations, every one. Very cool make chick. Hugs, Wends x

pivoine77 said...

wow thank you for all these wonderful links !
I start in pocket letters; it's wonderful
friendly from france.
an Harry Potter fan

Antoinette said...

I can't tell you how much I love love LOVE this! Discovered PLP just today and joined the forum :) Will definitely use your tips if I ever get to create a HP PL. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amy :o) said...

OMG! This is FABULOUS!!! I am a HUGE Harry Potter FANatic and this is just awesome! I recently learned about pocket letters and then I found your Harry Potter themed one on Pinterest! I couldn't help but be delighted. GREAT JOB and thanks for the links too! I can't wait to start on my very own!