A loose tooth

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Sophia lost her first tooth!!  We have been waiting and waiting for her tooth to fall, and her other adult tooth is already coming through behind it!

It all began while Sophia was watching telly and eating a packet of chips.  She said "mummy my tooth feels like a corn kernel" and I said "well it's probably really wobbly, give us a look".  So I took a look and sure enough it's barely hanging on!  I told her to grab a tissue and go look in the mirror as she might be able to pull it out.  Very excitedly she ran into the bedroom and tried to pull out the tiny tooth when I heard "mummy it won't come out!".  I walked over to her and said "look in your tissue honey" and there it was, that teeny tiny tooth - and not the one that we have been waiting weeks for! lol  Sophia was so proud that she had to tell everyone, and ring her Gramma.  At school the next day the excitement hadn't diminished at all and she happily ran about showing everyone her new gap.  She talked about the toothfairy visiting and leaving a special packet with $2 in it, and a certificate.  The little felt tooth in the picture is one I made to put little teeth in.  It has a pocket in the back for it's special cargo.  The picture on the bottom right has an actual real live shot of the toothfairy in action!  I was real lucky to get that one!  Two days after this tooth Sophia finally lost her second tooth during class at school.  She was delighted to be visited again and get a new green certificate and $2.
Here's a closeup of the sweet sugar cookies that I created.  I had to make my own shape as I don't have a tooth shaped cutter.
Digi template for layout is by Scrapping with Liz & Digi Kit is by Kristen Aagard

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