Halloween aftermath

Wow it's the day after Halloween and it feels funny not being in my scrap-room creating something with skulls and bones on it! lol  We had a fabulous time at my organised street walk.  Quite a few people turned up, we handed out candy and looked at the pumpkins that I spent 3 hours carving.  I also finished off the skeletons that my daughter ordered.  They turned out so good that I shared them with everyone!
After carving (while watching Casper & Despicable Me) I made some Pumpkin Poop for Sophia to share with her class.  She was so excited when she saw the basket and the kids really enjoyed the little treat while they waited for their parents to arrive to pick them up.
Once we got home from school I set about finishing off the outside of the house, fixing up stuff that had blown around and putting the pumpkins outside.  Sophia chose Elsa to go on the mailbox, Zeus to sit next to the door and the Storm Trooper to watch over the driveway.  Everyone loved them, and they looked great once the sun went down.  Despite the sore arm and fingers, it was worth it to see everyone's reactions to them.
By 5.45pm everyone started to arrive on the driveway.  Amber started to hand out candy and Sophia's little friends from school and the neighbourhood started to arrive.  This is the only photo I was able to get.  I had to be quick cause they were raring to go!  I was dressed up as a witch and we set off around the neighbourhood to look for balloons (this was part of my Halloween invitation - this way we knew who wanted to participate).  We had so much fun and all the parents said they'd be doing it again next year!

We returned home and the kids played for a bit while us parents chatted.  It was such a huge day!  I swear I'm not even this busy at Christmas!  Now all the spiders, webs, creepy crawlies and bones have been packed away until next year.


DogsMom said...

Wonderful sppoky monsterous faces on the kids!
That photo is priceless.
I can't tell you how impressed I am with the pumpkins. you are a MASTER!

Karen Oliver said...

You carved those pumpkins....wow I am beyond impressed. My kids wanted to carve a pumpkin but we don't even get the orange ones down here. Its green or green and I have enough trouble cutting them to cook let alone carve one. Love the cookies too and the pumpkin poo. Looks like it was a great halloween.