Day 29 - Fairies in a jar

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Oh my goodness I can't believe this amazing hop is almost over.  I have never seen so much awesomeness in one place.  I am so inspired and have so many wonderful new blogs to visit.

Today I have some fairies for you - but they're not just any ordinary fairies - these are Halloween fairies, caught in the garden today!  I was over at the edge of the lawn with my trusty field book, fairy pictures and my jar and I caught one!!  She was so beautiful with fiery red wings and a pretty orange flower.  She promptly threw a tantrum and plonked down on the grass and hid her face from me.  Then out of no where another fairy flew over and landed on the jar.  She appeared to be helping her friend to escape!  She had beautiful big black wings that fluttered in the afternoon wind and she too had an orange flower.  She landed delicately on the edge of the jar and although I couldn't hear her, she seemed to be telling her friend something.  The little red fairy put her arm up and the black fairy pulled her up out of the bottle.  The both looked at me, smiled mischievously and then flew away.

I managed to get some photos of the pair before they flew off
Looking down on the fairies you can see the red wings of the fairy in the jar.  She was quite upset about her unexpected confinement!
I really wasn't going to keep her in the jar long.  Her tiny hands covered her little face, and she tucked her knees up to her chest.
The afternoon sun shone on the little black winged fairy.  Her fingers were tiny as they gripped the jar, and she stood on the edge to help her friend.
When I embarked on my journey to find Fairies, I took my collection of fairy pictures - I had no idea what I would end up finding though!  I also had some lucky pennies, a jar of pixie dust and my many hours of note taking from research and previous attempts at fairy finding.

Have a look in your garden this Halloween, perhaps you'll be lucky enough to find some fairies!!


  1. What a magical post! Truly a delight! Will be looking for Halloween fairies in my garden now. How sweet of you to let them go. xxD

  2. Creepy but very cool. Love what you have done here. Fun and wonderful idea.

  3. Stunning Sarah! I love this adventure and surely will be making notes and going spotting as soon as I can. If only I could be so lucky to have such a glorious sighting!
    LOVE love LOVE these fairies! Awesome, gonna have to look for them in my desolate backyard!

  4. This is very sweet. A true story of friendship.
    Your fairy cards are beautiful. They make an amazing book.
    I think you'd better be careful when you go back into the card. Beware Fairy pranks.

  5. Fairie Field trips are the best and you really lucked on today's spots! They're both so creepy cute little things!

  6. Enjoyed reading your post today Sarah! Wonderful creation!!

  7. Awesome project, love the fairy in the jar idea.

  8. Lovely work and absolutely brilliant story telling! I love the delicate little skellie fairies and their gorgeous wings! So creative and a wonderful break in the evening!

  9. A skeleton fairy I can't believe I didn't think of it. Absolutely love this

  10. Oh, Sarah, I just love this! Your Halloween fairies are absolutely enchanting!

  11. Beautiful fairies, you were so lucky to catch a glimpse of them.
    Love your story :)

  12. I was wondering if there were different tribes of fairies out there! These are scary cute!


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