My first cookies

So I'm learning that I have an addictive personality - cause when I love something, I really really really love it and have to have all tools and inspirational photos relating to it!  My new addiction is sugar cookies, and Pinterest is my best friend!

I had bakers day coming up at school for Sophia and wanted to make something special for the kids.  So I bought some new cookie cutters and tried my hand at making cookies.  Yes, this is the first time I've made cookies that didn't come from a box! lol  They turned out great, so I then had a go at making and using royal icing, tips and piping bags.  I made the little yellow cones first - there were 20 in total.  I put them on their trays and laid them on the bench.  This icing takes hours to set between layers, so they just had to sit while I worked on the next set.  Fast forward to the evening when some delightful person set off fireworks.  Of course Zeus had to be bought inside and unbeknownst to me, found them on the bench and ate all but 3!!!  2 days work down the drain.  I needed at least 24 cookies to allow one for each child - it was going to be tight, and I didn't have enough time to make another batch.

So what you see is what I managed to finish and keep away from Zeus.  The kids loved their cookies and yelled it to me on arrival at school in the afternoon.  My second batch were made for fathers day, they didn't go quite to plan, but still looked good. They were supposed to be completely iced, but I'm still getting the hang of consistency.  They ended up looking like wood rounds or fingerprints.  It's a cool pattern anyway, and they tasted great!

My next batch of cookies are for my brother - I'm making him some dump-trucks!  They'll be the first set of cookies that I've posted too (he lives in NSW).  I can't wait to surprise him!


Leslie Germain said...

These are adorable!!

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Oh my goodness those look delicious! Made me laugh out loud about the addictive personality thing, SO know what you're talking about. Loved your SGC DT card hun and that lil' gift box, inspired! Very very cool. Big hugs, Wends x