Blog hop with a difference

Hi and welcome to Papertree - if you've arrived here along the blog hop from Louise's blog - Punknscrap, you've come to the right place!  This is a blog hop with a difference in that I have a couple of different artists' blogs that you can visit after you've finished here.  Louise asked me to be a part of this blog train and I jumped at the chance to meet other crafters and bloggers.  I've only known Louise a short time as I've just joined Southern Girls Challenge but she is just lovely and very creative too!!

So without further ado - you will now learn a little about me and my creating process...

What am I working on at the moment?
I always have several projects on the go at once, first I have a framed piece of art that I have been commissioned to make - it's going to be a beautiful piece of art for someone special, and hopefully cheer them up.

I tend to try my hand at all sorts of crafts, here are some of them:
Digital scrapbooking  (I have traditionally scrapped for years)
Project Life
December Daily
Card Making 
Doll making - This is Patrick my Reborn baby
Paper shoe creating

I also create Recycled art, Mini albums, Off the page, cake decorating and much more - when I'm not being a mum, wife and uni student.

How does my work differ to others?
I'm not sure if there is anything specific cause I like to try lots of different techniques, but I do like to add doodling on all my cards - it just finishes them of I think.
I also like to add flocking and gloss.  I always gloss eyes and things that would normally shine, and on critters I love to add sparkly flocking for that added fuzz feel.
Gloss looks awesome on a super suit!
3D elements are a huge must for me!  I love 3D foam dots to raise things and I love making chunky cards with character - this one has it's own tiny toilet roll.

Why do I craft?
Because I can't remember not crafting!  For as long as I can remember I have loved to create and build things from paper.  I absolutely love the feeling of giving something I have created to someone else and seeing their reaction.  Creating for me is something that I can get lost in.  I go into my scraproom, turn on my 80's music and begin.  I could be in there for 5 minutes or 5 hours just cutting, gluing, constructing, singing, tying, dropping beads, attaching eyelets and glossing up my latest coloured image.  I also scrap so that my kids can see the story of theirs and our lives, so we can remember all those wonderful memories and share them with others.

How does my creative process work?
Generally, and without any warning whatsoever an idea will grow in my mind - just as I'm trying to go to sleep, and then I have to research, and pin ideas and draw pictures of it so that I actually remember it in the morning! I'm very spontaneous, and will just randomly gather supplies and start to create.  I also have boughts of wild  mojo and create with abandon for weeks on end and then ZIP! it's gone.  Right now I'm on a crafting binge and loving it!! 

Two of my favourite creators who have influenced the way I craft and have inspired me so much in my creative adventures are:

Cathy from Scraps of Life
Jennifer from Hydrangea Hippo

I have watched both of these women go from strength to strength with their creations from when we all started out in our online group at to the designers, teachers and sellers of their crafts that they are now.  Two truly beautiful woman that I am so blessed to have met online.

No party is complete without party bags!

Thanks so much for visiting with me today - I would love for you to leave a message so that I can return the favour and visit your blog :)


Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Fab read! You ARE a crafty soul! So many varied talents there. So excited you've joined our happy wee team at Southern Girls. Let the adventures begin!! Hugs, Wends x

Scrappycath said...

Oh my goodness. I love this post. It only scratches the surface of the wonderful artist that you are. You certainly do have your creative mind and heart going in all directions, and in all aspects of your life. I too consider myself so very blessed to have "met" you and gained you as a friend. Although that great big pond of an ocean separates us from being near, I feel your big warm happy hug! Thank you! And keep sharing your wonderful creations, you inspire me deeply!