Easter is coming!

It's April already and Easter is almost here!  So I've redecorated my dining table with my jars, Easter treats, bunnies and those wonderful pastel colours that I love at Easter.  All I had to buy this year was the gorgeous little jars with the pink and blue bunnies on top.  Each year my collection of jars grows.

Along with my table, I also created some special choccy baskets for Sophia's teachers and a basket full of wash cloth bunnies for her school friends.

This morning we went off to school happily (last day for 2 weeks), me with a basket in the crook of my arm, bunnies smiling at everyone we meet and chocolate that's threatening to melt cause the temps are still way up in the 30s even at 8am in the morning!

As we approached the classroom Sophia got excited as she swiped the basket and ran off to share with her friends.  They were so excited when they found the hidden chocolate egg inside!  By the end of the morning there were bunnies everywhere and I now understood why there's a rabbit proof fence and why Queensland isn't allowed to have them as pets!  I've always wanted a pet bunny, ever since I was in kindy and we had one as a pet to look after.

Anyway here are the baskets of goodies:

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