A few more weeks of project life

So far I've shown Week 1 of my new project life adventure.  It's quite different from my normal scrapbooking style, but I'm finding my groove and loving it now.  I have so much to catch up on, as I've fallen a little behind with Uni work and wedding planning (for my best friend).  But now that I've got the hang of it, it's really getting quite easy to create and finish pages.  So here are my latest pages...
 This week was all about our trip to the ice-skating rink and building our very first (ever) snowman, in the middle of summer!
 We had the return of the M&M McFlurry this week, Zeus started digging holes after we had a ton of rain, Sophia had some face painting and we enjoyed some swimming.  The girls also got their very own chickens, which will live out at their Nan & Gan's house.
 Amber learned and became addicted to looming, we had a surprise visit from friends in Brisbane.  Amber's favourite teacher had her gorgeous bubby, dad made it into the paper and we discovered "glamping" in the loungeroom.
 This week my preemie baby doll got her beautiful new outfit, the girls practised wearing their outfits for school and we made an unscheduled trip to Brisbane (Sophia & I) because they couldn't help with her tooth ache.  We stopped at the Hyperdome to see a dinosaur exhibit.
 More of the dinosaur exhibit and some photos of our trip around Brisbane, including many trips to different dentists (who couldn't help us), and saying hi to Matilda.
 Australia arrived along with mum's birthday.  We travelled the short distance to spend it with her.  The girls made her a special cake that they decorated with their own drawings.  Afterwards we celebrated at a friends house.
 Back to school!  Amber went back on Tuesday, Sophia on Wednesday.  Both had a ton of fun, met new friends and came home to some of my creations: school themed cupcakes and a cake made entirely of fruit!
 We celebrated Waitangi Day with dressing up, playing poi and drawing a moko on Sophia.  We discovered homework and took Lucy to the shops for the first time.  Amber made it into the paper and so did I,  Zeus went swimming in the creek and I bought a salt lamp.
 Lots of rain this week, but that didn't stop the fun of parties, walking the dog and school.  Jas nearly exploded a beer in the freezer and we celebrated Valentines with gifts of love and friendship.
 Sophia discovered a huge tray of playdough at kmart which gave me half an hour of peace, Zeus found a friend on one of his walks and we went to the grand opening of Yoghurtland - and enjoyed free yoghurt!  I received an awesome RAK from a fellow PLer and Amber made damper in her new Cooking class.
Sophia's first excursion was to the Marina, with a parent get-together, bbq and a play on equipment.  We celebrated both mine and Jas's birthdays, Zeus went swimming again after more rain and I went on an adventure to source a Soundwave ticket for Nick.

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