December Daily

This year I decided that I would create a December Daily.  I had some extra time cause I wasn't stressed with work this year and I had lots of family coming that I wanted to document.

For my book, I started with a base of heavy card, 2 D rings and some double sided patterned paper.  I added shaped paper, paper bags, envelopes, pockets and tags.  Then I covered the plain card with paper and added some cards, stickers, ribbons and tabs.  I was all ready for December first to roll around and so excited to get started!

I used my phone to take photos of all the events during the month of December, I added more pages, tags, ribbons and tons of embellishments.  I journalled about everything, sights, smells, sounds, people, places and of course Betty our Christmas elf.  She's sort of what ties the entire book together cause you get to look for her throughout the book, just like we did every morning.
Here are some more photos of the finished book.  I'm also going to do a flip through:

Can you believe how chunky it turned out?!  I absolutely love every part of this book and am so glad I finished it - December 31, just before the New Year ticked over.

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