Amber all grown up

This is one of those layouts that you look at and think - wow, where did the time go, where has my little girl gone that used to complain that her cousin was "sucking on her" when she was showered in kisses?  The little girls who used to sit in the kiddy pool in nothing but undies in the summer?  My little girl has grown up.  Amber is on the cusp of becoming a teenager, all her childhood favourites have changed.  She watches more grownup shows instead of cartoons, she doesn't play with ponies or Barbies (unless bribed by her sister), she wears more grown up clothes and hairstyles.

I miss my baby :(

Amber is growing into a beautiful young lady, and is taking on more and more responsible roles around the house.  Almost everyday she asks if she can go out to work, and is counting down the days til she can drive!  Where does the time go?

Digi kit & Template by Megan Turnidge

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Leslie Germain said...

Love this page. the colors really pop on the brown!!