A Terrarium

How much fun are Terrariums?!!  They seem to be really big at the moment AND I managed to score one free from my MIL!  It thought this was the best project for my 4year old and I to work on, so we set about pulling the old bark and artificial flowers out of the terrarium and washed it out.  Then we went to Bunnings to collect the following things:

  1. Soil
  2. Activated carbon
  3. Gravel or pebbles
  4. Plants
Sophia helped with the little toys - this was the whole reason for the terrarium, so that she has some natural play spaces for her tiniest toys.

First up we filled the base generously with the pebbles - this will help our mini world with drainage.  Then we sprinkled on some of the carbon - this is to help prevent odors with the plants and soil.  Next we added some soil.  I added a fair amount so that I had enough to plant the little succulents and tree into.
Now the fun begins.  We added our plants (a Pot Belly Fig, Graptoveria Tricolour & Crassula Hobbit) and then a layer of pebbles.  Sophia then chose some of her tiny toys and added them to their new world.  We have another terrarium coming and can't wait to plant it out and create another world.  The possibilities are endless - you could have one for every room!  We sit ours near a window so it get's some light, and use a spray bottle to add some moisture.

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