A new addition

I would like to welcome Patrick James into the world!!  He's the newest member of my family and has settled in immediately like he's always been here.  He came
 as a bit of a surprise as I wasn't expecting him so soon, but I had the girls to help, giving lots of moral support and helping retrieve things that I needed.  My sweet gorgeous boy is really a doll!  Yep he's a "reborn doll".  I had to wait patiently for his kit to arrive, which consisted of: head, arms, legs and arms. These all needed to be painted in many layers of paint to achieve the look I wanted.  Once I had completed his little veins, wrinkles, blushing and mottling I had to add his eyes and eyelashes.  Then I got to weight him and put everything together on his body. He came together so easily, and I was way to impatient to put hair on him.  I just wanted him completed!  He's about 19-20in long and has weighting in his head, arms and legs so he feels like a real baby.  His tummy has some weight in it along with a powder sachet that makes him smell divine when hugging him!  I also glossed his mouth, the corners of his eyes and this nostrils and nails.
So there you have him - my handsome little man with the blue eyes.  He already has people turning heads looking at him when Sophia takes him out in her pram.  She loves him and wants to take him everywhere!  He's also visited his grandparents and played with the cat!

Yep he's definitely part of the family now :)

Just another one of my many crafty persuits.

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Anonymous said...

Perfectly flawless you have done a great job and beautiful...