Meet Tabitha our littlest fur baby.  She's only 2, is very talkative and likes chase birds, sleep on my tummy and enjoys tummy rubs and chasey toys.

I got Tabitha after my dear Sweet-Pea had to be put to sleep due to a medical complication that couldn't be fixed.  I couldn't be apart from my Sweeps, she had lived with us for 13 years and I felt like a piece of me was missing when she passed.  Tabitha filled that void beautifully.  She's very affectionate just like Sweeps, she gives head bumps, lots of fusses and purrs and likes to sleep with me or the girls.

Her biggest challenge at the moment is getting along with her big brother Zeus.  They fight like real children and run through the house and yard!
Thanks for coming buy to meet my Tabitha!

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Cindy Gay said...

How pretty the page and the photo!